4 Reasons Prescription Delivery is Perfect for Busy Mothers

Written by Phil Rossi

NowRx Pharmacy

NowRx Pharmacy driver delivering medication to family

As a busy mother, prescription delivery can be a lifesaver.

This is especially true when you’re managing medications for multiple family members.

In fact, a large number of our customers here at NowRx Pharmacy are just that – busy moms managing their entire family’s prescriptions including aging parents and sometimes even an elderly sibling. So, we decided to ask a few of them what they love most about having their prescriptions delivered.

Here are the answers we got.  

“Prescription Delivery Saves Me Time”

Whether you’re juggling work, errands, or just trying to have a social life – when you’re a mother, anything that offers you time-savings is a game-changer. And prescription delivery does just that!

We know that the average American takes about 1 prescription per month on average. So, for a mother that manages her entire family’s prescriptions, that means multiple pharmacy trips each month.

In fact, we have seen some mothers make as many as 15 trips in a single month if they handle their entire family’s prescriptions including aging parents! Considering a pharmacy visit typically takes around 45 min. when you factor in driving, waiting for Rx to be filled, etc. – that can add up to almost 150 hours wasted each year. That’s almost a full week!

Prescription delivery lets you use this time on better things.  

“It Makes It Easy to Manage My Family’s Prescriptions”

In addition to saving time, prescription delivery also makes managing your family’s prescriptions much simpler.

Rather than needing 50 iPhone reminders to keep track of who needs what medications picked up and when, most prescription delivery services take care of it for you.

Specifically, here at NowRx pharmacy, we track your prescriptions and notify you when a refill is coming up. We provide text updates, so you always know when to expect your delivery. Best of all, if one of your prescriptions is running low on refills, we’ll contact your doctor to request more on your behalf!

This makes it a breeze to handle multiple medications for different family members.  

“It Reduces My Out of Pocket Costs”

Prescription delivery can help lower out-of-pocket costs for medications that do not go through insurance (i.e. cash prices, over-the-counter drugs, etc.).

How? Simply put, lower operating costs.

For example, at NowRx we operate at about 1/100th the cost of a traditional brick & mortar retail pharmacy (e.g. CVS, Walgreens, etc.). These savings are the effect of lower rent costs, as well as software automation and robotics which allow us to handle greater volume with less staff.

As a result, we don’t have to increase the price of our products to stay profitable which means lower prices for the customer. We talk more about these cost savings in our blog “How NowRx Pharmacy Offers Free Prescription Delivery in Hours.”  

“It Gives Me Peace of Mind”

Ever had a week where you’re so stressed out from commitments you barely have time to think? You’re not alone.

With an endless line up of appointments, sporting events, and more, some weeks are just too much!

Prescription delivery makes these weeks seem a little more manageable by giving you one less commitment to worry about.

One less errand to run. One less stressor to deal with. And all that means is one step closer to peace of mind.  

Prescription Delivery for the Win

Life as a mother can be hectic enough.

Sadly, managing the entire family’s medication needs just adds another layer of madness.

However, a reliable prescription delivery service can be a lifesaver and make managing your pharmacy needs a lot simpler.

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