“Be Healthy Now” Campaign Aims to Increase NowRx Awareness

Written by NowRx Pharmacy
NowRx Be Healthy Now Tent in San Jose

NowRx has launched the “Be Healthy Now” campaign in which it deploys pharmacists to local events. The Mountain View-based company – which delivers prescriptions to customers – sets up booths to offer various free screenings, consultations and trial packages. The campaign has already made stops at the San Jose Jazz Festival and the Sunnyvale Music Series. NowRx pharmacists distributed free health packs featuring vitamins and over-the-counter medications, gave prescription consultations and screened people for high and low blood pressure. Local farmers’ markets and street fairs are next on the agenda, according to NowRx Chief Revenue Officer Michael Rosenberg, though the exact locations have yet to be determined. Another service offered as part of the campaign is a confidential and toll-free “Ask a Pharmacist” hotline. Anybody, including non-NowRx customers, can call the line for information about his or her prescription. “Unlike the traditional pharmacies, we typically pick up in less than two rings,” Rosenberg said. Rosenberg added that the campaign’s goal is to begin “working with some organizations in the Bay Area to promote healthy causes” and to “get the word out about NowRx and say thank you to the community for all the growth we’ve experienced.” Since its inception in 2015, NowRx – which specializes in same-day delivery – has grown substantially. Rosenberg said revenue increased 90% from 2017 to 2018. As of June, he added, “we have now filled over 100,000 prescriptions, we serve more than 17,000 customers and we receive prescriptions from over 2,000 physicians.” The startup’s goal is to get people to skip the line at conventional pharmacies and instead have the many drivers in the company’s fleet deliver prescriptions to consumers’ doorsteps. “I think it has the potential to be what Uber was to the taxi business,” Rosenberg said. “Waiting in lines does not exist with us.” Rosenberg attributed the company’s growth to its tech-oriented stance. “Our ability to offer free delivery is because of our technology and robotics … and AI,” he said in explaining how the company has made the “economics possible.” NowRx, which only operates in the Bay Area, does not use third-party drivers – all of them work solely for the company. “We’re not a giant online amorphous company,” Rosenberg said. You can read the original article in the Los Altos Town Crier here.

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