5 Most Frequently Asked Questions for NowRx Pharmacy

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The traditional retail pharmacy model is plagued by inefficient processes and poor customer service.

When NowRx Pharmacy was launched, the goal was to create a new kind of pharmacy – one that was more convenient and customer friendly for everyone.

However, this meant rebuilding the traditional pharmacy operations model from scratch and, as a result, changing the way a pharmacy interacts with its customers.

And that has raised quite a few questions.

So we decided to answer the 5 most frequently asked questions we get here at NowRx Pharmacy.


What Exactly is NowRx?

The question we get asked most often, especially from new customers is, “What exactly is NowRx?”

Is it just a delivery service? (no)

Do we only deliver certain types of medication? (no)

NowRx is a full-service pharmacy, just like your regular CVS or Walgreens.

We can fill all your medications, including controlled medications (e.g. Adderall, Methadone, etc.) as well as over the counter medications and supplements like Tylenol or Vitamin C!

The major difference is we leverage software automation and intelligent logistics to reduce cost and improve efficiency inside our pharmacies. This allows us to provide a better pharmacy experience for our patients with things like free medication delivery in hours, 5 star customer service, etc.


How Do I Use NowRx?

Another common questions we get is, “How do I use NowRx?”

Well, this depends on whether you have a new prescription, a refill or a transfer.

New Prescriptions

For a new prescription, i.e. a prescription your doctor is writing for the first time, you tell them like any other pharmacy – send it to NowRx.

Depending on your office, they can ePrescribe to NowRx or fax us, but the process is the same as any other pharmacy.

Once we receive the prescription, we call to confirm your insurance and delivery address.

Finally, after confirmation, we deliver the medication to your door in hours.

Transfer Prescriptions

To transfer a prescription, i.e. a prescription that is currently being filled by another pharmacy, you have two options:

  1. Fill out our Online Transfer Form
  2. Text us a photo of your prescription bottle at (844) 466-6979

Just like a new prescription, we will call or text to confirm your insurance and delivery address.

Once it has been confirmed, we deliver your medication.

Refill Prescriptions

There also two options for a refill, i.e. a prescription that was previously filled by NowRx.

  1. Text us a photo of your bottle at (844) 466-6979 and tell us you would like a refill.
  2. Call us at (844) 466-6979

We will keep you updated on the status of your refill by text.

If you have no refills left, we can also contact your doctor to request more – with your permission of course!


How Does NowRx Make Money?

The next of our frequently asked questions is, “How do you make money?”

Well, just like any other pharmacy.

Most people would be surprised to learn that customers are not how a pharmacy makes 95% of its revenue.

Wait what?

That’s right, more than 95% of pharmacy revenue is paid for through insurance in the form of reimbursement.

It’s similar to how your car insurance works.

When you get in a car accident, you take your car to a mechanic or dealership.

You pay a portion (your deductible) and then your insurance covers whatever the mechanic charges beyond that.

In other words, for a $2500 repair, you might only pay $500, while your insurance covers the remaining $2,000.

The pharmacy is similar to the mechanic in this respect.

The pharmacy charges you a small portion (e.g. a $5 copay) and insurance covers the remaining amount.

This is a simplified explanation, but you get the picture.

If you want a more in depth explanation, this article will take you through the lifecycle of a prescription.


How Does NowRx Ensure Safe Delivery of My Medications?

There are a number of ways we ensure safe delivery of our patients’ medications.

The first – all of our drivers are employees of NowRx.

In other words, you cannot just go online and sign up to be a NowRx driver, e.g. Uber or DoorDash.

Our drivers go through extensive background checks, HIPAA compliance training, in addition to our own NowRx training.

Another way we ensure safe delivery is our checklist for each delivery.

We require routine checks from our drivers including things like scanning the barcode on each bag at certain points throughout the delivery. These checks help avoid mixups and ensure that the right medication gets to the right person.

Finally, if we are dropping a package off, we send a photo to the patient of where it was left.

This helps the patient know exactly where the medication was left so they can easily find it when they get home.


How Does NowRx Afford Free Delivery in Hours?

The final most frequently asked question we get is “How Does NowRx Afford Free Delivery in Hours?”

Simply put, low overhead and extreme efficiency.

We pay less than $2 per sq. ft for our 5,000 sq. ft. for our pharmacy centers, compared to a traditional retail pharmacy that pays almost $6 for prime retail space.

Our proprietary pharmacy management software allows us to automate the redundant tasks in the pharmacy. This includes things like insurance processing, applying manufacturers coupons, etc.

Our robotics allow us to fill a prescription in under 30 seconds opposed to manually counting out every pill.

And our internal logistics platform allows us to triage deliveries and optimize the number of deliveries per route.

All of these add up to cost savings and efficiencies that allow us to provide free delivery in hours.

We dive a little more in depth to the topic in our blog Pharmacy Deliver in Under 5 Hours Free.


In Closing

We hope these 5 frequently asked questions helped give you learn a little more about NowRx.

If you have any additional questions, check out our frequently asked questions here.

If you don’t see your question there, send us an email at info@nowrx.com and we’ll be happy to add it to our list of frequently asked questions.


About NowRx
NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy, founded with the goal of using software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart logistics to create the best retail pharmacy experience possible. Specializing in free same-day delivery of prescription and over the counter medications, NowRx hand-delivers medications right to your door in hours with its fleet of friendly HIPAA trained drivers. By removing the need to visit the pharmacy, NowRx’s hopes to increase medication adherence and provide a more convenient pharmacy experience for millions of people.

Learn more at https://www.nowrx.com/.

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