Coronavirus Live Outbreak Map – Updates and Resources

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Over the last two weeks, the rapid spread of coronavirus has affected us all.

Cities have entered lockdown, non-essential businesses are closing, and daily routines have been dramatically altered – at least for time being.

We truly are in unprecedented times.


How NowRx Pharmacy is Ensuring Safe Prescription Delivery

We wanted to reassure our community that as an essential medical service NowRx Pharmacy will be keeping normal business hours throughout this crisis and doing everything we can to support our patients.

Some additional precautions we are taking to ensure safe delivery of your prescriptions include:

coronavirus nowrx updates
NowRx has implemented enhanced driver sanitation to ensure safe prescription delivery for all customers.
  • Enhanced Driver Sanitation Protocols – requiring every NowRx delivery driver to sanitize before and after every delivery.
  • Interaction-less Deliveries – all medications which do not require signatures will be delivered and dropped off at your home with no driver interaction.
  • Remote Working for Non-Essential Employees – limitation on non-essential pharmacy employees in and around the pharmacy/medication.

Additionally, we have put together a list of resources to help our community find the best and most accurate information regarding COVID19. Please see below for more information.


Coronavirus General Information

Center for Disease Control –

World Health Organization –

California Department of Public Health –


Coronavirus Live Infection Maps


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