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As a valued customer of NowRx Pharmacy, we wanted to alert you to a change initiated by CVS Caremark that occurred on January 1, 2021. The information below describes this change, what it means, and what your options are.

What Changed in 2021?

Each January, while most of us are celebrating the new year, health insurance plans and their Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) make minor changes to the list of pharmacies they consider "preferred". This is done independently by PBMs and, unfortunately, there is nothing NowRx or any other pharmacy can do about it.

This year, CVS Caremark made the decision to remove all independent pharmacies not affiliated with CVS from their list of preferred pharmacies for WellCare Medicare Advantage Plan Members.

To reiterate, CVS Caremark made this decision on their own without any input or reason provided to NowRx Pharmacy.

What This Change Means for You?

When you use health insurance to help pay for your medication, the price a pharmacy (like NowRx) charges you is typically set by your insurance company's Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) as a copay or coinsurance.

For a "preferred" pharmacy, a PBM will typically allow the pharmacy to charge a lower price because they want to incentivize their plan members to fill prescriptions at that pharmacy.

Consequently, as a result of CVS Caremark’s decision to remove all non-CVS independent pharmacies from their "preferred" pharmacy list, Caremark WellCare Medicare Advantage Plan Members are now forced to either fill prescriptions at CVS or pay a higher copay to continue using another pharmacy.

What Are Your Options? (Act before 03/31/21)

WellCare Caremark Medicare Part D Members have two options if they wish to continue using NowRx Pharmacy:

  1. Pay a slightly higher copay in 2021.
  2. Switch to a similar plan that still has NowRx as a preferred pharmacy.

Switching to a different Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan where NowRx is a preferred pharmacy is much simpler than it sounds and we will be happy to provide any assistance we can.

Below is a list of plans Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans where NowRx Pharmacy continues to be a preferred pharmacy:

  1. CIGNA HealthSpring Secure - Essential
  2. CIGNA HealthSpring Secure - Extra
  3. CIGNA HealthSpring Secure - MAPD
  4. CIGNA HealthSpring Secure - HMO
  5. Express Scripts Medicare Value
  6. Express Scripts Medicare Choice
  7. Express Scripts Medicare Saver
  8. CIGNA HealthSpring Secure
  9. Elixir Rx Plus
  10. Elixir Rx Secure
  11. Mutual of Omaha Rx Plus Clear Spring Health Plans Alignment Health Cal-Plus

You can compare these plans using the website below, and even put in your exact medication to determine what your out of pocket cost will be:

Medicare Plan Comparison

Just be aware that you must act before March 31, 2021 to make this change!

We understand this is frustrating and switching plans can be confusing so we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Just know that NowRx Pharmacy is here to help like always :) and if you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out at or call us at 844-466-6979.

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