Exciting New Pharmacy Could Eliminate Drugstores with Free Same-Day Delivery to Your Home

Written by NowRx Pharmacy
NowRx Pharmacy technician with ceo and felow employs in office

NowRx, a bold new company in Orange County has created a game changer that may actually eliminate standing in line at the drugstore. The process is simple, dynamic and delightful. The drugstore comes to you, delivering high-quality pharmacy products directly to your door for free with no hidden charges. The Mission Viejo News reporters dropped in last week to interview the three dynamic NowRx executives, Cary Breese, CEO, who lives in Laguna Niguel, and Sumeet Sheokand, CTO, who lives in Laguna Niguel, and Mike Rosenberg, CRO, who lives in Laguna Beach. Their head pharmacist in Irvine is Laemsing Root. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGES FOR TRANSFERING A PRESCRIPTION FROM A TRADITIONAL DRUG STORE TO NOWRX? “Well, first of all it’s far more convenient, with free same day delivery plus we offer a $20 Visa Gift card for every prescription that you transfer from your current pharmacy to NowRX up to a maximum of $100. We are also launching a doctor program where NowRx will contribute $20 for every new patient a doctor refers to NowRx to an OC based charity of the Doctor’s choice.“ said Cary Breese. HOW MANY YEARS IN YOUR TRADE, PRACTICE, OR PROFESSION? “NowRx has been operating for 4 years in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area. We just opened our first OC pharmacy in Irvine in late November of 2019”replied Cary Breese HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN YOUR CURRENT LOCATION? “Since Sept 1 in Irvine, and started delivering in late November. WHAT IS SO UNIQUE ABOUT NOWRX? “No one waits for a taxi anymore. No one stands in line at the bank anymore, but people still stand in line at the pharmacy waiting for the pharmacist to count out their prescription by hand. So providing free same day prescription delivery is a huge benefit and it makes people’s lives better. NowRx is a free, same day delivery pharmacy. We operate highly efficient, tech enabled pharmacies which use robotics and the latest in artificial intelligence programs allowing us to deliver prescriptions the same day for free to anyone in Orange County. NowRx takes all major insurance and your co-pay is the same as at any traditional pharmacy. With NowRx, there is no need to ever stand in line at the pharmacy again!” said Mike Rosenberg. WHAT IS YOUR TOTAL STAFF IN AL LOCATIONS? “ 11 in Irvine and 40 in Silicon Valley – total of 51. In Irvine we are located at 1641 Kaiser Ave,Irvine, California 92614. While we have four locations, the customer never needs to come to us- we deliver directly to them,” said Cary Breese WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS BUSINESS OR PROFESSION? Traditional pharmacy is one of the few huge ($400B/year) product categories that has not yet been disrupted by technology. Besides convenience, lack of adherence to medication is a major issue in the US and one of the biggest reasons is that people are too busy to go to the pharmacy or they find it too inconvenient. With NowRx’s free same day delivery, it becomes much easier for patients to get their meds and stay on them resulting in better health outcomes and lower overall health care costs. SPECIAL TRAINING AND LEARNING EXPERIENCE? ANY TRAINING, EDUCATION, OR CERTIFICATIONS INVOLVED IN YOUR BUSINESS? “All of our drivers and technicians are HIPAA certified. Our facilities are licensed by the DEA and Board of Pharmacy just like any other pharmacy. We have fully licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working at each facility,” replied Sumeet Sheokand. ANY AWARDS AND RECOGNITION OF YOUR BUSINESS? “We have a 5-star rating on Yelp. We’re pleased to say that no other pharmacy has a higher rating than NowRx! UPCOMING PROJECTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Do you have any planned relocation, expansion, of the business’s physical location? NowRx has been successfully operating for 4 years in Silicon Valley/Bay Area. Orange County is our latest expansion. Soon we will expand outside of California, possibly to Seattle and/or Phoenix but that is still in the planning stage. NEW PRODUCTS BEING ADDED? Any new products, unique services you are planning to provide or add to your existing offerings? In addition to high quality pharmacy prescriptions, we also offer over the counter products commonly found in other pharmacies like aspirin, cold and flu medications, lotions, and related personal and healthcare products all with our convenient free same day delivery to your home. WHAT ARE THE GOALS FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR PROFESSION? The highest levels of Customer Service and satisfaction is everything to us! As soon as people are aware that NOWRX provides free same day delivery in Orange County at the same price they are currently paying, we have every confidence that this will change the entire industry. All we want is for customers to try us,” said NowRx head pharmacist Laemsing Root. WHAT HAS BEEN THE GREATEST REWARD IN YOUR BUSINESS AND/OR MOST INTERESTING PART OF YOUR DAILY WORK? Hearing from happy customers and doctors about how much they love our service. WHAT IS THE BEST-KNOWN QUALITY OF YOUR BUSINESS? What is the main thing people recognize about you or your business? Free Same Day prescription delivery and truly excellent customer service that costs nothing more than you pay for standing in line at your drugstore. WHAT ARE TOP THREE THINGS PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS? All of our customers are thrilled to learn that they will never have to wait in line at the drugstore again! Some say they are surprised to learn that Same Day Prescription Delivery is totally free – there is no catch! Most are also amazed they pay the same co-pay as if they went to a traditional drug store like CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens  

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