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We help your staff save time and energy by reducing callbacks and working with insurance to get your patients covered.

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How it Works

NowRx makes getting prescriptions delivered easy. Here’s how it works.

Send Us Your Prescription

Send Us Your Prescription

Have your doctor send a new prescription or transfer to us online.

Confirm Your Delivery

Confirm Your Delivery

We will call and text you to set up delivery and collect a copay.

Get Your Medication

Get Your Medication

A local NowRx pharmacy employee will deliver your medication in hours.

Set Up Auto-Refill

Set Up Auto-Refill

Get your meds automatically delivered each month without lifting a finger.

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Going Above and Beyond For Our Customers

Why Doctors Love NowRx!

Free Prescription Delivery for Patients.

Increases prescription medication adherence and accessibility.

Insurance Approval & Prior Authorization Assistance

Helps explain the process and get medications covered.

Industry Leading Accuracy (SureScripts Finalist 2020)

Minimizes medication errors and improves patient safety.

Automatic Coupon Search & Application

Fields savings to lower patient out of pocket costs.

Out of Pocket Price Match Guarantee

Ensures you do not pay more for medication being delivered.

Refrigerated & Controlled Medication Delivery

We will even pick up triplicate forms from your office.

No Signup Required. No Hidden Fees.

Just A Better Pharmacy


What Doctors Are Saying

Better Pricing

" NowRx Pharmacy is great for my staff. Their prices are the lowest around and they deliver for free. Try them out, your patients and staff will thank you."

Dr. Ann Jayaram giving testimonial for nowrx pharmacy

Dr. Ann Jayaram

Cosmetic Surgeon

Better Service

“NowRx Pharmacy has been instrumental for my practice in providing timely medication delivery, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.”

Dr. Inna Yaskin giving testimonial for nowrx pharmacy

Dr. Inna Yaskin

Internal Medicine

Better Convenience

"They really are as good as advertised. They accept standing orders which has saved my office staff significant time and energy. I could not be happier with NowRx!"

Dr. James Tearse giving testimonial for nowrx pharmacy

Dr. James Tearse


NowRx Doctor Feedback Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to NowRx’s most frequently asked questions or give one of our local pharmacies a call and we will be happy to assist you.

  • How long does delivery take from NowRx?

    Medication delivery from NowRx will arrive at your house within 3-4 hours of us receiving the prescription from your doctor. If you are transferring or refilling a prescription from another pharmacy, we will deliver the prescription within 3-4 hours of receiving the transfer from your current pharmacy.

    If we receive a prescription outside of our normal business hours, we will deliver it the following business day.

    In some cases, there may be delays if your insurance company requires prior authorization or if you require a rare medication that we do not typically carry in stock. In these situations, we will notify you as soon as possible and do everything we can to find a solution!

  • Does NowRx charge more to cover free delivery?

    No, NowRx never raises the cost of your medication to offset delivery costs.

    For prescriptions paid for through insurance, your copay is set by the insurance company and will generally be the same regardless of the pharmacy you use.

    For prescriptions paid for without insurance, our cash pricing is competitive with or lower than competing pharmacies.

    Additionally, anytime we receive a prescription our software automatically searches for drug coupons and applies them if it will lower your out of pocket costs, which has saved NowRx customers over $1.5M in the past year.

  • How does NowRx make money?

    NowRx makes money like all pharmacies and healthcare services – reimbursement from insurance and copays from the patient.

  • How is NowRx different than mail pharmacy?

    Unlike mail order pharmacies:

    • NowRx has physical pharmacies local to every area we service.
    • NowRx employees deliver all medications (opposed to using 3rd parties like USPS)
    • NowRx deliveries arrive within hours as opposed to mail services which can take 3-14 days.
    •  NowRx delivers both controlled and refrigerated medications for no additional charge
    • NowRx always has a live pharmacy team member available to answer your questions.
  • What insurance plans does NowRx take?

    NowRx Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans except Kaiser Permanente. We also offer non-insurance pricing that is competitive with or lower than even leading discount drug cards like GoodRx.

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