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“NowRx rocks! I have all my prescriptions delivered straight to my office. The customer service is excellent, they are really fast, and the cost is the same as getting my prescriptions filled at CVS or Walgreens. Thanks NowRx!”

Victoria H.
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“My husband and I have been using NowRx since early this year and I wish we knew about this pharmacy earlier. It's fast (same day delivery), convenient and their customer service people are very friendly. No more driving to the pharmacy and waiting for medications to be filled.”

Danna Y.
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“I cannot say strongly enough how much better it is to have prescriptions delivered to my door, mostly within hours, as opposed to endlessly waiting at my local drug store. I would never go back. NowRx is the best.”

Christene M.
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“NowRx is great. Huge time saver... no more standing in line or sitting in your idling car waiting for next available teller... They deliver the prescription to your address within a 3 hour time window. They can handle both regular prescriptions and controlled substance prescriptions.”

Tony M.
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“We have been using NowRX for the last year and the service is great. NowRx handles our refills and they coordinate with the doctor's office. They go the extra mile in customer service!”

Neil C.

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