Delivering Pharmacy in 3 Easy Steps

Pharmacy Delivery Made Easy

Text (844) 466-6979 or fill out our online prescription form. We will call you to confirm and deliver in hours.

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Mark C.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"Best pharmacy experience EVER! These guys are like going to your old neighborhood pharmacy, you know the one, where they deliver your medications to you and actually care about the customer? You don't get better service."

Dr. James Tearse

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"I highly recommend NowRx Pharmacy. I use them professionally as well as personally for my own prescriptions and they really are as good as advertised. I could not be happier with NowRx!"

Tanya S.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"Companies that ACTUALLY PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE are so rare in this day and age. These guys are awesome!"

Melissa A.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"Hands down BEST PHARMACY you could ask for! I no longer have to wait in line to fill my grandmother's medications, and the customer service is amazing. Try them out and you won't regret it!"

Larry H.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"These people, this service is AS GOOD AS IT GETS. NowRx sets a new standard that I have never seen anyone get close to. I really can't say enough good things on this service."

Lina W.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"There's a reason every single review is five stars - This pharmacy is AMAZING! Lightning fast response times by pleasant professional staff and customer service like nothing I have ever encountered. Give NowRx a try - you won't regret it!"

Bruce B.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"Super easy to use. Fast and WAY cheaper than Costco or any other place I've ever checked."

Meg M.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"This place, these people, are really incredible. They deliver to my house. They process coupons and discounts when I find that they are available. The big chain pharmacies made that process very difficult. I can't say enough!"

Danna Y.

NowRx Pharmacy Customer
"My husband and I have been using NowRx since early this year and I wish we knew about this pharmacy earlier. It's fast, convenient and their customer service people are very friendly. I would definitely recommend them!"

Pharmacy Delivery Made Easy

Here’s How It Works

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1. Send Us Your Prescription

New Prescription: Tell your doctor to fax or ePrescribe to NowRx.
Existing Prescription: Text Us or Tap Here to Request Prescription Delivery.

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2. We Confirm Delivery

We will reach out to you via phone to collect your insurance copay confirm your address and set up a delivery time.

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3. Medication is Delivered

A NowRx employee will deliver your medication in hours from your local NowRx Pharmacy for free. All you pay is your normal copay.

NowRx Pharmacy Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NowRx?
NowRx is a pharmacy just like your CVS or Walgreens, except instead of you coming in to pick up medication, we bring them to you.
Is NowRx a mail-order pharmacy?
NO. NowRx Pharmacy has physical locations in all of our service areas. We accept walk-ins and our pharmacists are always available to chat in person or over the phone.
How can you afford to provide free same-day delivery?
The proprietary tech inside our pharmacy increases efficiency and reduces our cost to about 1/100th that of a traditional pharmacy like CVS. This enables free same-day delivery.
How do you make money?
We make money like every pharmacy or healthcare service – reimbursement from insurance and copays from the patient.
Do you charge more to offset the cost of delivery?
NO. Prices are lower than or competitive with all pharmacies. We also automatically search for and apply available coupons to offer the lowest price possible (over $1M saved!).
How do you handle special requests?
Special requests (e.g. blister packs, medication sorting, etc.) are available upon request. Just let our pharmacist know when they reach out to schedule your delivery!
Can I manage prescriptions for a family member?
Yes. You can set a head of household if a single person will be managing a family member or loved one’s prescriptions.
Do you deliver controlled & refrigerated medication?
YES. If you have a paper copy, a NowRx driver will pick it up from you or your doctor before delivery. These meds also require a signature & proper ID.
What insurance plans do you take?
NowRx Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans except Kaiser. We also offer some of the lowest out of pocket prices in the areas we serve.
How long does delivery take?
Typically, your prescription will arrive 2-4 hours after we have confirmed your prescription. We also offer 1hr delivery option for a $5 fee.
Have additional questions about NowRx?

Visit our FAQ

why people love nowrx
A Better Local Pharmacy

Why People Love NowRx

Free Prescription Delivery in Hours

You only pay your normal insurance copay. 1-hour rush delivery is available for a $5 fee.

Local Presence in Our Service Areas

Visit your local NowRx Pharmacy in person and meet our hardworking pharmacy staff.

Insurance & Prior Authorization Assistance

We help you navigate the insurance process and get your medications covered.

Automatic Coupon Search & Application

Our proprietary software finds you savings to help lower your out of pocket costs.

Out of Pocket Price Match Guarantee

If your medication is ever more expensive with NowRx we will transfer it for you.

5 Star Service (Google/Yelp 2020)

Our staff will do everything to help give you the best possible pharmacy experience.

No Signup Required. No Hidden Fees.

Just A Better Pharmacy