How To Switch Pharmacies – Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by Ally Streelman

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How To Switch Pharmacies - NowRx

If you’re unhappy with your current pharmacy you might be wondering how to switch pharmacies. Or is it even possible to switch a prescription from one pharmacy to another?

Well, switching pharmacies is not only possible; it’s simple and happens more frequently than you think. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons you might want to switch pharmacies like saving money on prescriptions or saving time with delivery. Then we’ll take you through how you can switch your prescriptions from one pharmacy to another with minimal effort!

Why Switch Pharmacies

There are many reasons why you may want to switch pharmacies. For one, your pharmacy may be inconvenient or not offer pharmacy delivery. In addition, if your pharmacy is out of the way or hard to get to then it may be more difficult to get your medication on time. This can disrupt your treatment plan, which can prolong your condition, cost you more money, and potentially have life-threatening consequences.

You might also decide to switch pharmacies if it takes too long to fill your prescription or you feel that the service is unacceptable. For example, maybe you are unable to reach the pharmacist when you have questions about your medication.

Another major reason you might switch your prescriptions to a new pharmacy is cost. Maybe you are paying out of pocket for your prescriptions and they cost less at a new pharmacy. Or maybe your insurance requires a lower copay at a different pharmacy.

Ultimately, each of these reasons causes customers to switch to a new pharmacy every single day .

How Do You Switch Pharmacies

So how do you switch pharmacies – the answer is more straightforward than you might think. However, there are some questions you need to answer before getting started.


  • What prescriptions does your pharmacy currently have?
  • Are any of these prescriptions schedule 2, e.g. Oxycodone, etc.
  • Do you have any refills remaining?

Figuring out what prescriptions your old pharmacy has is important because your new pharmacy will need that information to know how to transfer your prescription.

Additionally, if you have any schedule 2 medications, you will not be able to transfer that prescription to a new pharmacy. However, your doctor can always write a new prescription and send it directly to the new pharmacy. Finally, if you do not have any refills remaining, your doctor will have to write a prescription refill and send it to the new pharmacy.

Can you switch a prescription from one pharmacy to another?

Yes, you can switch a prescription from one pharmacy to another unless the prescription is a schedule 2 controlled substance or has no refills remaining. Schedule 2 controlled substances are prescriptions that have a high potential for abuse such as oxycodone, morphine, codeine, etc.

If you do not have any refills remaining, your doctor will need to write another prescription before the new pharmacy can dispense your medication. Some pharmacies, like here at NowRx Pharmacy, will help contact your doctor to request a new prescription if you have no refills remaining. However, most will require you to contact the doctor on your own.

How To Switch A Prescription To A Different Pharmacy

The process of how to switch a prescription to a different pharmacy is fairly straightforward.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Get a list of existing prescriptions and the last pharmacy that filled them.
  2. Call or visit your new pharmacy to provide them with the list so they can start the transfer process.
  3. Follow up with the new pharmacy to make sure the transfer was successful and reach out to your doctor if there are any problems, e.g. no refills left.

Some pharmacies make the process of transferring a prescription even easier by taking care of this entire process for you. For example, here at NowRx we only require patients to fill out our online refill and transfer prescription form with some basic information. Then we contact your old pharmacy and transfer all the prescriptions on your behalf. In addition, we will even contact the doctor if there are any issues, e.g. no refills remaining.

How Do I Switch Pharmacies

Talk to your doctor or friends if you have questions like how do I switch pharmacies. They will be able to recommend a good pharmacy in the area that suits your specific needs. Additionally, rating sites like Yelp and Google can be invaluable because they reflect trust in the community. This can be especially helpful when you are new to an area, for example, if you just moved.

Going to the pharmacy doesn’t need to be a painful experience – and switching pharmacies is simple. So if you aren’t happy with your current pharmacy experience, look around and switch to another pharmacy today!

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