Prescription Delivery Has Never Been a Better Option

Written by Phil Rossi

NowRx Pharmacy

prescription delivery driver for NowRx making a delivery

Prescription delivery has never been a better option.

As businesses reopen and life returns to normal, that is the one thing I have been telling all my older family members.

Admittedly, as an employee of NowRx Pharmacy I may be a little biased. But there were already major benefits to prescription delivery long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

What is Prescription Delivery?

Simply put, prescription delivery refers to any of the number of options that offer delivery of controlled and/or non-controlled medications.

This includes:

On-demand delivery pharmacies like NowRx and Capsule, which offer free prescription delivery of all controlled and non-controlled medications in just hours.

Specialty delivery pharmacies like Accredo or Alliance Rx that offer free delivery of high-end medications for complex or rare chronic conditions such as cancer, HIV, etc.

Mail-order pharmacies like OptumRx or PillPack that offer free delivery of most controlled and non-controlled medications in 2-4 weeks.

Traditional brick & mortar pharmacies that deliver like CVS or Walgreens, which offer free delivery of all controlled and non-controlled medications in 1-2 days.

How to Get Prescription Delivery?

On Demand Pharmacy Delivery

Getting prescription delivery from an on-demand pharmacy is pretty straight forward.

When your doctor writes a prescription just tell them the name of the pharmacy, e.g. NowRx.

Once the prescription is sent over, the pharmacy will call you. Then they will collect your copay and schedule a free delivery for later that day.

Mail Order and Specialty Pharmacy Delivery

This process is similar at mail order and specialty pharmacies. However, the delivery process usually takes a bit longer – anywhere from 3-15 days.

This longer time period sometimes makes it inappropriate for drugs that need to be taken immediately, for example antibiotics.

Additionally, specialty pharmacies may require some extra verification from the patient.

Traditional Brick and Mortar Pharmacy Delivery

Traditional brick and mortar pharmacies are slightly different from the rest when it comes to delivery.

They require you to actively tell them you would like delivery AFTER the prescription has been filled. For example, let’s say you want CVS to deliver a prescription. Your doctor will send the prescription over and CVS will reach out when your prescription has been filled.

At that point, you could ask for it to be delivered.

If they offer delivery in your area, they would then collect your copay and set up delivery. Most same-day will typically cost $7.99 fee or in 1-2 days for free.

Can I Get Prescriptions Delivered?

No matter where you live or what medication you need, there is a prescription delivery option for everybody. The key is finding the right option based on your location and medication needs.

For example, at NowRx we deliver all C2-C6 and non-controlled medications, but as of right now we are only available throughout California.

PillPack offers mail delivery across the country, but is restricted in the medications they can deliver, e.g. no Schedule 2 Drugs.

Find out what options are available and figure out which works best for you.

Best Prescription Delivery

Best prescription delivery is subjective and depends on many factors such as where you live, what medication you need, how fast you need the prescription, etc.

Here’s a breakdown

Best Overall – Convenience, Speed, and Service: If you need a prescription medication in a hurry (within hours, not days!), don’t want to pay additional fees, and want the most seamless experience – an on-demand pharmacy is the best route to go. On demand pharmacies deliver ALL medications and provide delivery within a few hours. Best of all, they are local to every community they service! One drawback is these pharmacies are typically not as widespread as most chain pharmacies. For example, NowRx is only available throughout California, while Capule is only operational in New York. Growing adoption will make these options more widespread in the future but you could be out of luck right now.

Best for Specialized, Hard-to-find Medications: Specialty delivery pharmacies like Accredo or Alliance Rx offer free delivery of hard-to-find medications for complex or rare chronic conditions such as cancer, HIV., etc. These services offer convenience but not necessarily speed or variety of medication.

Best if You Live in an Area Without On-Demand Pharmacies:  If you can’t find an on-demand pharmacy near you, bear in mind that some traditional, brick & mortar pharmacies like local independent pharmacies or chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens do offer delivery. The service will likely charge some sort of fee ($7.99 for same-day) or it won’t be as fast – you might wait a day or two – but it saves you the hassle of heading to the pharmacy!

Ultimately, consider your options and decide what criteria in a pharmacy matter most to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to NowRx at and we will be happy to help!

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