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To set up a prescription delivery with NowRx Pharmacy we need a little bit of contact information. Please ensure that all information you submit is correct and up to date in order to avoid delays.

Sarah S.
Prescription Delivery Review from sarah s
Best pharmacy I have ever used! Nothing but good things to say about them. Exemplary customer service, delivery right to your door with text updates, and great pricing. I will be using them for as long as I can!
Tony M.
Prescription delivery review from tony m
Huge time saver. No more standing in line or sitting in your idling car waiting for next available teller. Definitely recommend to anyone that gets a prescription both for intermittent and regular prescriptions.
Danna Y.
Prescription delivery review from tony m
My husband and I have been using NowRx since early this year and I wish we knew about this pharmacy earlier. It's fast (same day delivery), convenient and their customer service people are very friendly. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!
Chris S.
Prescription Delivery Review from Chris S
This is the best pharmacy service I have ever used - or that I can imagine. They are responsive, efficient, and easy to work with. They've solved several problems that my previous pharmacy had great difficulty with.
Michael H.
Prescription Delivery Review from Michael H
This is the greatest pharmacy that has ever existed. You can communicate via text, and it's not with a bot. Just send them a message and ask for you Rx to be refilled and they sort it out. Then they bring it right to your door...for free! 13/10 would highly recommend!
Victoria H.
Prescription Delivery Review from Michael H
NowRx rocks! I have all my prescriptions delivered straight to my office. The customer service is excellent, they are really fast, and the cost is the same as getting my prescriptions filled at CVS or Walgreens!
Julie B.
Prescription Delivery Review from Julie B
This is my new pharmacy. Not only was their price lower, but they do same day delivery to my neighborhood. And when you call it's easy to reach a real person. My kind of store!
Eli K.
Prescription Delivery Review from Eli K
Love this pharmacy! Everything about it is great- from the free delivery and the warm staff every time I call to fill prescription. They were able to automatically find and apply coupons to save me money every time.
Danielle B.
Prescription Delivery Review from Danielle B
This pharmacy is by far the best place to have your prescriptions filled! We've had nothing but top-notch service from them. Literally same day delivery, even delivering into the evening. I refer them to everyone I know and will continue to!
Mark C.
Prescription Delivery Review from Mark C
Best Pharmacy experience EVER! These guys are like going to your old neighborhood pharmacy, you know the one, where they deliver your medications to you and actually care about the customer? You don't get better service than this.
Andrea B.
Prescription Delivery Review from Andrea B
Professional & wonderful customer service! They immediately answered my telephone call unlike big pharmacy chains where the voice message asks a million questions & it takes forever to talk to the pharmacist. I would highly recommend NowRx!
Christene M.
Prescription Delivery Review from Michael H
I cannot say strongly enough how much better it is to have prescriptions delivered to my door, as opposed to endlessly waiting at my local drug store. I would never go back. NowRx is the best.
Neil C.
Prescription Delivery Review from Michael H
We have been using NowRx for the last year and the service is great as well as all the staff we have talked to in getting our prescriptions filled. They go the extra mile in customer service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to NowRx’s most frequently asked questions or give one of our local pharmacies a call and we will be happy to assist you.

  • How long does delivery take from NowRx?

    Medication delivery from NowRx will arrive at your house within 3-4 hours of us receiving the prescription from your doctor. If you are transferring or refilling a prescription from another pharmacy, we will deliver the prescription within 3-4 hours of receiving the transfer from your current pharmacy.

    If we receive a prescription outside of our normal business hours, we will deliver it the following business day.

    In some cases, there may be delays if your insurance company requires prior authorization or if you require a rare medication that we do not typically carry in stock. In these situations, we will notify you as soon as possible and do everything we can to find a solution!

  • Does NowRx charge more to cover free delivery?

    No, NowRx never raises the cost of your medication to offset delivery costs.

    For prescriptions paid for through insurance, your copay is set by the insurance company and will generally be the same regardless of the pharmacy you use.

    For prescriptions paid for without insurance, our cash pricing is competitive with or lower than competing pharmacies.

    Additionally, anytime we receive a prescription our software automatically searches for drug coupons and applies them if it will lower your out of pocket costs, which has saved NowRx customers over $1.5M in the past year.

  • How does NowRx make money?

    NowRx makes money like all pharmacies and healthcare services – reimbursement from insurance and copays from the patient.

  • How is NowRx different than mail pharmacy?

    Unlike mail order pharmacies:

    • NowRx has physical pharmacies local to every area we service.
    • NowRx employees deliver all medications (opposed to using 3rd parties like USPS)
    • NowRx deliveries arrive within hours as opposed to mail services which can take 3-14 days.
    •  NowRx delivers both controlled and refrigerated medications for no additional charge
    • NowRx always has a live pharmacy team member available to answer your questions.
  • What insurance plans does NowRx take?

    NowRx Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans except Kaiser Permanente. We also offer non-insurance pricing that is competitive with or lower than even leading discount drug cards like GoodRx.