Top Investment on SeedInvest Hits New Milestone: $826k In One Month

NowRx Pharmacy

Top Investment on SeedInvest Hits New Milestone: $826k In One Month

NowRx is excited to announce its latest record revenue milestone with $826k in prescription sales in one month (unaudited), translating to an annual run rate of over $9.9mm. This is a 4% growth from the previous record in December and a 61% YoY growth from January 2019. These continual record-breaking months illustrate the increasing demand for NowRx’s free, same-day delivery service. Since launching in 2016, the company has grown its customer base 1064%, filled over 150k prescriptions, served more than 22k customers, and launched five micro-fulfillment centers. NowRx has surpassed $5.28mm raised and is the company with the most investments currently on SeedInvest.

About NowRx NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy, founded with the goal of using software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and smart logistics to create the best retail pharmacy experience possible. Specializing in free same-day delivery of prescription and over the counter medications, NowRx hand-delivers medications right to your door in hours with its fleet of friendly HIPAA trained drivers. By removing the need to visit the pharmacy, NowRx’s hopes to increase medication adherence and provide a more convenient pharmacy experience for millions of people. Learn more at

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